Traveling and photography are not new to my life, but sharing my adventures is new.  I have been to many places and discovered very cool places.  I am learning something new every day.  Explore Georgia and Georgia Hiking Trails has become my new road map of exploring every place in Georgia.

Home towns all over America should be explored and loved.  There is so much history and romance in every corner of the world.  Everyone has a special story to share, yet nobody is willing to listen.  I want to be the one who will tell the story and listen to the tales too.


I have recently moved.  I may or may not travel with Harvey any more, but the future is not set in stone.  I have learned many things recently, it has been a crash course education that I am gradually learning.  Time will make everything better and knowledge will come along as well.

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Cloudland Canyon was the very first trip in the RV.  Located near the northern border of Georgia near Tennessee.  It is a popular destination for many campers.

My beautiful picture
My beautiful picture

Savannah, Georgia is one of the few unspoiled cities in Georgia.  A lovely place to spend the weekend or a week.